And So We Begin

It's time to take the first step.
Come, take my hand.
Let's go together into the curious world of the ordinary.
Come. Now is the time.

It's All in the Cards

Once upon a time many moons ago, in what seems like another lifetime now, I had something of an obsession with tarot cards. I learnt all I could about their history and meaning and while I was not so much interested in their use for fortune-telling, I explored at length their symbolism and the applications for personal and spiritual development. Understanding the history of tarot and cartomancy (fortune-telling with cards) more broadly was an important part of the process and I found that using the tarot structure was a helpful framework for exploring other areas of occult thought.

About five years ago now I put the cards away. I think it was because I had burnt myself out, exploring every layer of this intriguing system. That's not to say I knew everything, far from it, but one can only view the world through the same lens for so long before losing perspective.While I have left my 'obsession' behind, I do still enjoy looking at tarot cards from time to time. From the pers…

Scottish Folklore

In several months I will be taking a long-awaited return trip to Scotland. Consequently, I have been reading about Scottish folklore and have started gathering together resources and links that may be of interest to others which I have shared below.

Folklore and Mythology

Scottish Folklore: Folklore Thursday
Scottish Myths, Folklore and Legends
Six Ancient Myths from the Scottish islands
Sgeulachdan: Tales from the Scottish Highlands and Hebridean Islands
Folklore in the Scottish Highlands
Supernatural Scotland
Scottish Ghosts, Myths and Legends - downloadable e-book and audios
Scottish Heroes and Villains
10 Scottish Myths And Legends
Scottish Myths and Legends

Regional Folklore

Angus Folklore Blog

 Fairy and Folk Tales

Scottish Fairy Tales, Folk Tales and Fables - links to individual stories
Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales (online at Sacred Texts)
Folklore (Sabhal Mòr Ostaig) - Multiple scanned texts available
The Selkie Bride

Legendary Creatures

List of Creatures in Scottish and Gaelic Folklore
Six scar…

Cats in Folklore and Art

There is something magical about cats. Perhaps that's why they are the most popular pet on the planet and feature prominently in the folklore, myths and artwork of so many cultures throughout time. Believed by many to have special powers, and often the companions of royalty or witches, they are mysterious creatures and hold a special place in our hearts. I've included below some links for anyone interested in exploring more about cats in folklore and art.

Cats in Folklore and Mythology

Cats in Folklore: Not Just a Witch's Familiar - Icy Sedgewick
Cat Folklore and Legends from Around the World
14 Legends About Cats From Around the World
Cats and World Mythology
Cat Magic, Legends, and Folklore
Black Cats
Beware of the Cat: Tales of the Wicked Japanese Bakeneko and Nekomata – Part 1
Beware of Cat: Tales of the Wicked Japanese Bakeneko and Nekomata – Part Two
Cats Throughout History: Tales of Good, Bad and Just Plain Kooky Feline Legends
Meet the “King of Cats” From Celtic Folklore