In Japanese folklore basan are a rare nocturnal bird yokai found only in the mountains of Ehime Prefecture. They resemble a very large chicken with a bright red comb and luminous feathers. Most remarkably they breathe a ghostly fire from their mouths which is cold rather than hot. They feed on the charred embers left after fires go out and avoid human contact by hiding in remote bamboo groves. 

Takehara Shunsen's Ehon Hyaku Monogatari

Rarely they will appear in villages and the beating of their wings makes a 'basa basa' sound, which is how they got the name basan. If you hear one and look outside, it will immediately disappear into the night if you see it. Sometimes this yokai is also called the 'fire rooster.'

ah-kaziya on DeviantArt

There are several Pokemon inspired by the basan including Torchic and Blaziken.