I feel curious about the ordinary things in the world that so often go unnoticed. There is so much beauty and wisdom waiting to be discovered in the everyday things around us. I love the way folklore weaves a special kind of magic around these ordinary moments and provides a way to understand and capture our own stories.

I originally created this website as a way of channelling my inner librarian and recording my own explorations in the world of folklore. I especially like collecting artwork that depicts folktales and magical creatures, and I use this blog as a kind of virtual folklore library and art gallery that will always be a work in progress. While I love all folklore, my primary areas of interest are Japanese and East Asian folklore, supernatural folklore, and folklore in art.

There is a fully linked index of all the content on this website on the index page. Alternatively, if you are interested in browsing a particular topic, there is a topic list in the sidebar.

Social Media

I regularly post about folklore and art on Twitter and participate in various folklore hashtags each week. To follow me on other social media sites you can find the links in the sidebar, or here.

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