In Japanese mythology, Ukemochi is a goddess of food and because food is so important for survival, she is still worshipped today alongside Amaterasu at the Ise Shrine. In one myth, she invites the god Tsukuyomi to attend a feast. When he arrived, the goddess produced the food for the feast from her body. She vomited up the fish, meat and rice. She then pulled even more food from her nose and rectum. 

Tatsuya Kosaka 

Rather than being impressed by this amazing feat, Tsukuyomi was so disgusted he killed her on the spot. From her dead body millet, wheat and beans sprung forth and silkworms came from her eyebrows. The god Tsukuyomi was the brother and husband of the great sun goddess Amaterasu. Despite this, Amaterasu was outraged that he had killed Ukemochi. 

Kris Waldherr

She banished him to the moon thus creating the division between night and day, and he was thereafter known as Tsukuyomi, god of the moon. It is also said the food that came from Ukemochi’s body could not be destroyed and was taken to the heavens. Some suggest that Ukemochi is connected to Inari, who in their male form may have been her husband. In their female form, some suggest that Inari and Ukemochi are actually the same goddess.