Year of the Tiger

The tiger is the third animal in the Chinese zodiac, and 2022 is the year of the tiger. The tiger embodies yang energy and so this year is believed to be one full of activity and change. It may be a time of renewed enthusiasm, following dreams and social progress. As a water tiger year, it is also possible that emotions will be in the mix, and this may range from fear through to elation. Ultimately, we should prepare for change and expect another roller-coast of emotions as we learn to adjust to our new reality. To celebrate the year of the tiger I have put together a little collection of tigers in Japanese ukiyo-e art.

'Tiger' - Ogata Gekko, c.1900.

'Tiger, the Third Month' from the series 'Twelve Signs of the Zodiac' -  Ishikawa Toyomasa.

'Tiger Ridgepole Ornament and Rising Sun' - Totoya Hokkei,1830.

'Tiger and Bamboo' - Kikugawa Eizan, 1804.

'True Life Picture of a Fierce Tiger and Portrait of a Woman Above' - Ochiai Yoshiiku, 1860.

'Tiger and Dragon' from the series 'Birds and Beasts' - Utagawa Kuniyoshi, ca. 1835.

'Tiger' - Matsukawa Hanzan, ca. 1860s.

'Tiger' - Maruyama Okyo, 1781.