In Japan, kudagitsune (pipe fox) are magical spirit fox familiars, tiny enough to hide in sleeves or bamboo pipes. They are a type of spirit possesion and have the power to both possess and control humans, and can also serve as magical familiars for sorcerers to assist with divination, prophecies and casting curses. It is believed that they can divulge a person's past and also predict their future. While taking the guise of a fox, small enough to fit in a pipe or tube, it seems that only its keeper or user can actually see this yokai.

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Kudagitsune also attach to and support families, which are then known as kuda mochi. These families are wealthy are powerful but can be shunned by society. Over time their number of fox familiars grows, sometimes up to as many as seventy-five, and this can lead the family to ruin. There are varying accounts in the folklore of different regions about both the size and usage of kudagitsune. Some accounts suggest they may be the size of a weasel, while others indicate a much smaller size. Although it is generally accepted the creature resembles a small fox, there are also comparisons to cats, otters and squirrels. I have also read that signs of kudagitsune possession include a high fever and a burning desire to eat fish, but I can't verify this

'Kudagitsune' from the Shozan Chomon Kishu by Miyoshi Shozan.


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Kudagitsune from the anime Ga-rei Zero

'Kudagitsune' from the kasshi yawa essay collection by Seizan Matsuura.

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