Brigid is a goddess in Irish mythology where she is a member of the Tuatha De Danann, the principle deities of pre-Christian Ireland. She is associated with fire, poetry, fertility, wisdom, blacksmithing, childbirth and healing. She is revered as the divine spark of inspiration and creativity, and students see her as a goddess of learning. She is celebrated on the pagan festival of Imbolc which falls on the first of February. 

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Some suggest that as Ireland was Christianised, the goddess Brigid was syncretised with Saint Brigid, whose feast day is also on February the 1st. As with the goddess, Saint Brigid was connected to the sacred fire with perpetual flames burning in the monastery at Kildare which was also believed to be the site of a temple to the goddess in earlier times. The flame was extinguished during the 16th century around the time of the reformation, but re-lit in 1993 by the Brigidine sisters.
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Saint Brigid's Well in County Clare is one of Ireland's oldest holy wells and a place of pilgrimage to offer prayers and ask for healing.Both the goddess Brigid and Saint are also associated with healing and healing wells, with many wells still existing across Ireland today.

Statuette, Museum of Brittany, Rennes, probably depicting Brigid or Brigantia: c. 2nd century BCE

Foundations of a possible fire temple of the goddess Brigid on the grounds of St Brigid's at Kildare.