In Japanese folklore, the kotobuki is a chimera made up of different body parts of all twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. In Edo times, it was believed that just possessing an image of kotobuki would protect you from sickness and disease. Consequently, woodblock prints of this auspicious magical creature were commonly given as gifts and used as charms to attract good fortune. 

An Auspicious Beast; The Twelve Precepts' - Enrosai Shigemitsu ca. 1850.
The kotobuki is made up of the:
head of a rat,
ears of a hare,
horns of an ox,
comb of a rooster,
beard of a sheep,
mane of a horse,
neck of a dragon,
back of a boar,
shoulders and belly of a tiger,
front legs of a monkey,
rear legs of a dog,
and tail of a snake.

'A Beast called Kotobuki' - Feebee (via feebeejp.com)