Corrag - A Scottish Witch

Glencoe in Scotland is a beautiful and mysterious place. Scottish folklore tells of a witch called Corrag who lived there long ago. Just before the Glencoe massacre in 1692, she tried to warn people that the Redcoats would attack. People did not believe her and the next day she discovered the aftermath of the bloody massacre. She took the chief of the Macdonald clan's sword and threw it into the loch, saying that as long as it remained there, no man from the Glen would die by the sword again. Folklore also tells that in 1916 a sword was found when the loch was dredged and brought into the town.

The locals, who knew of the tales, were horrified and hastily returned it to the Loch. The following morning was the first day of the Battle of the Somme and many soldiers died, including men from the village of Glencoe, the first since the 1692 massacre. Susan Fletcher's wonderful novel ‘Witch Light’ (also published as ‘Corrag’ & 'Highland Witch') is based on the events leading up to the massacre and the folklore that surrounds them. 

Photos above were taken in Glencoe and the surrounding highlands.