Glen Etive is a valley in the Scottish Highlands and is home to a peculiar monster known as Fachan. He is described as a giant with only one eye, one hand, one leg, one ear and one arm. It is said he has a tuft of hair resembling feathers that stands up on the top of his head and is allegedly stronger than a mountain. He hates all living creatures and will attack humans with a spiked club if they enter his mountain realm.

'Fachan' - Brian Froud.

Fachan is also able to destroy whole farms or orchards in a day, and will kill any animals in its path. In fact, if you come across an area of barren ground with no trees or signs of life, you may have stumbled upon its lair. But aside from the risk of encountering Fachan, I would definitely recommend a visit to Glen Etive. The photos in this post were taken when I visited several years ago.

'Direach Ghlinn Eiti, or Fachan' as illustrated by J. F. Campbell (via Wikipedia).

Image from Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Fairies that doesn't really match the description of Fachan.

Loch Etive, Scotland

Glen Etive, Scotland