Odin is the Norse god of wisdom, healing, magic, poetry and war. He is accompanied by his animal companions, two ravens (Huginn and Muninn) and two wolves (Geri and Freki), who bring him information from all over the world. He rides into battle upon an eight-legged horse called Sleipnir holding a magical sword known as Gungnir. This sword was crafted by dwarfs and is believed to never miss its target.
'Odin the Wanderer' - Georg von Rosen, 1886.

Odin has only one eye, the other was sacrificed so he could drink from the well of Uror and gain all the wisdom of the world. He also learned the secrets of the runes by hanging himself from the world tree for nine days and nine nights. Despite his great wisdom, he also took advice from the severed head of the god Mimir. Also known as Woden or Wotan, Wednesday is derived from the Old English word meaning 'Woden's Day.'

Carl Emil Doepler, Jr., 1905

Ludwig Pietsch, 1865

Stained Glass Window Design by Sir Edward Cooley Burne-Jones, 1881

Odin on the Magican card in the Norse Tarot by Clive Barrett

Lorenz Frolich, 1845

Edward Burne-Jones