Folklore in Art

Folklore, mythology and fairy tales have long been the subject for artists around the world. In this post I have started to collect some links and resources to explore.

'Sleeping Beauty' - Henry Meynell Rheam.

Japanese Folklore, Myth and Yokai in Art

Japan Supernatural - Art Gallery of NSW
20 Classic Woodblock Prints of Japanese Ghosts and Monsters
The Vengeful Female Ghosts in Japanese Ukiyo-e Prints Will Haunt You
When it came to horror, ukiyo-e artists kept their wits about them
Supernatural Monsters Haunt in a Floating World
Yokai: Ghosts, Spirits and Demons
Japanese Mythical Art

'Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu Emerging From the Cave' - Utagawa Kunisada

Fairy and Folk Tales in Art

A Brief Introduction To 7 Classic Fairy Tale Illustrators You Should Know 
Storybook Fantasies: 10 Classic Children’s Fairy Tale Illustrators
Art Matters podcast: the magic of fairy tales in art
Art Passions: Fairy Tales are the Myths We Live By
The Most Beautiful Illustrations from 200 Years of Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

'Circe Offering the Cup to Odysseus' - John William Waterhouse (cropped)

Classical Mythology in Art

My previous post - The Greek Myths in Art
Gods, Goddesses and Mythology in Art
Paintings of Greek Mythology - Wikipedia

'Penelope and her Suitors' - John William Waterhouse.

Miscellaneous Articles about Folklore in Art

Fantasy and the Pre-Raphaelites
Contemporary Painting and Mythology: 6 Artists Updating Folklore for Modern Audiences
Classical Mythology in Art
Forbidden Visions: Mythology in Art
All The Better To See You With - modern fairy tale art
How artists use myth to explore the darker side of human nature
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How art reinterprets Greek mythology: from problematic patriarchies to queer perspectives
How Can We Understand Myth in Art?

'The Death of King Arthur' - James Archer