Scottish Folklore

In several months I will be taking a long-awaited return trip to Scotland. Consequently, I have been reading about Scottish folklore and have started gathering together resources and links that may be of interest to others which I have shared below.

Glen Coe

Folklore and Mythology

Scottish Folklore: Folklore Thursday
Scottish Myths, Folklore and Legends
Six Ancient Myths from the Scottish islands
Sgeulachdan: Tales from the Scottish Highlands and Hebridean Islands
Folklore in the Scottish Highlands
Supernatural Scotland
Scottish Ghosts, Myths and Legends - downloadable e-book and audios
Scottish Heroes and Villains
10 Scottish Myths And Legends
Scottish Myths and Legends


Regional Folklore

Angus Folklore Blog

 Fairy and Folk Tales

Scottish Fairy Tales, Folk Tales and Fables - links to individual stories
Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales (online at Sacred Texts)
Folklore (Sabhal Mòr Ostaig) - Multiple scanned texts available
The Selkie Bride

Scottish Highlands

Legendary Creatures

List of Creatures in Scottish and Gaelic Folklore
Six scary Scottish beasties..(Folklore)
6 Strangest Beings from Scottish Highland Folklore
Scottish Folklore - Cat Sìth & Cù-Sìth
Scottish Folklore: Loch Ness Monster
Scottish Monsters

Edinburgh viewed from Arthur's Seat


Scottish Superstitions … Associated with Birth and Babies

Scottish Nature Folklore

Folklore of Scotland’s Trees; Myths and Medicines
Scot's Pine - Mythology and Folklore

Inverleith Park, Edinburgh

For Travellers

Mythical Scotland: Exploring the Legends
Legends, myths and folklore of the Scottish Islands


10 Dark Scottish Legends

Sheildaig, Western Highlands