I feel curious about the ordinary things that so often go unnoticed. There is so much beauty and wisdom waiting to be discovered in the everyday things around us. I love the way folklore weaves a special kind of magic amongst these ordinary moments and provides a way to understand and capture our own stories.

I have created this website primarily as a way of channelling my inner librarian and recording my own explorations of folklore, mythology, magic, nature and art. I find it helpful to create a map of the discoveries along the way, and if this is of interest to anyone else then that's an added bonus. I am fascinated by all folklore but I am particularly interested in magical creatures, nature folklore, folk magic and the folktales and myths of Japan, China and Scotland.

I'm on Twitter regularly and participate in #FolkloreThursday each week. If you're looking for visual inspiration I'm also on Instagram and Pinterest.

File:Great Wave off Kanagawa2.jpg
Great Wave Off Kanagawa - Katsushika Hokusai