Kawa Akago

Kawa akago (river babies) are the lesser known cousins of Japanese kappa. These yokai lurk near waterways and appear as small red-skinned babies. They hide in the reeds and cry out to passers-by, copying the sound of a human baby. This crying continues until someone comes to investigate. As the person moves closer in search of the crying baby, the kawa akago slowly creeps towards the water's edge.

Kawaakago Statue on Sakaiminato Mizuki Shigeru Road in Sakaiminato City

On reaching the water, the victim's legs are pulled out from under them and they tumble, or are pushed, into the water. While it is meant to be a prank, there have been reports of people drowning, so it's definitely worth being on your guard if you hear a 'waah waah' coming from the water.

Toriyama Sekien in Konjaku Gazu Zoku Hyakki

Shota Kotake