In Norse mythology, Freyja is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war and death. She owned the magical necklace Brisingamen and a cloak of falcon feathers that gave its wearers the gift of flight. She is accompanied by the golden boar Hildisvini and rides in a chariot pulled by two cats. 

Carl Emil Doepler, 1905

Her husband Odr (possibly Odin) is frequently absent and she is believed to cry tears of gold for him. She taught the gods the magical arts, including the ability to see and change the future. Her father was the sea god Njord and she had a twin brother Freyr, who was also associated with fertility.

'Freyja and the Necklace' - James Doyle Penrose.

Freyja riding with her cats from 'The Manual of Mythology'- 1874

'Freja' - John Bauer, 1905.
'Freyja Seeking her Husband' - Blommer, 1852.
Nuzzled by her boar HildisiĆ­ni, Freyja gestures to a jotunn - Lorenz Frolich, 1895.