On Creativity

Many people make the mistake of thinking that to be creative one needs to be 'artistic.' In reality, we can express our creativity simply by doing activities we enjoy and creating things based on our interests. The positive benefits of being creative are often more valuable when they are not linked to the pressures of our work and may include writing, cooking, craft, singing, gardening, photography, decorating our homes or daydreaming.

There is an increasing amount of research to show that creativity can help increase brain function, improve mood and self-image and reduce stress levels. There are also studies showing that participation in, and exposure to, creative activities can have significant positive impacts on physical healing, as well as alleviating depression and anxiety.

'Veronica Veronese' - Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Below are links and resources for those wishing to explore creativity further. There is information about creativity theory, the benefits of creativity, how to inspire creativity in others and inspiration for those wishing to be more creative in their own lives.


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Creativity and Wellbeing

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Creativity Theory

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Education Resources

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"What is creative living?
Any life that is driven more
strongly by curiosity
than by fear."
~ ~ ~
Elizabeth Gilbert - 'Big Magic'

Goddess Saraswati by Raja Ravi Varma
Loved by artists and students, Saraswati is the Hindu
goddess of knowledge, music art and wisdom.